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  • SEO - By analyzing and testing the algorithms and keywords used to drive search engines (like Google). Slick Traffic can optimize your rankings in the result sets (Search Engine Optimization). The goal is always to get the partner site in the top 10 for a given key phrase. SEO is always relative to the number of competitors for a good or service, but localization can greatly increase the results.

  • Email - Either utilizing your existing email list or affiliate email lists, Slick Traffic can produce email creatives and targeted emails that sell your product or service.

  • PPL - If you have an existing API (Application Programming Interface), then a Pay-Per-Lead campaign is the easiest choice. We will deliver the lead according to the specifications of your data fields. Based on the approval requirements for an acceptable lead, the price would be determined. Simply set a bid and Slick Traffic does the rest.

  • PPC - If you have an existing site optimized for click through conversion, then a Pay-Per-Click campaign is an excellent choice. Whether utilizing search engine campaigns, like Google AdWords, or by placing links with our extensive affiliate network, we can drive unique visitors to your site to purchase your products or services.

  • PPA - If you only want to pay for traffic that converts then Pay-Per-Acquisition may be your best option. In a PPA campaign, more advanced setup is typically required and so are the associated costs, however, PPA ensures that "you get what you pay for."

  • Direct Mail - While many online advertisers have abandoned "snail mail" for email campaigns, Slick Traffic believes that there is value in varying your distribution channels. Different consumers respond to different channels in different ways. You tell us the goal and Slick Traffic can create the creative for your mailing list that generates results.

  • Direct Call "Warm Transfer" - Slick Traffic has a call center available to call on your phone list. We are 100% compliant with the Do Not Call Registry. We will work with you to optimize your call script. Our Customer Service Representatives will follow the script outlined to generate interest. Any consumer who is interested in completing the application or proceeding further can either be transferred ("warm transfer") to one of your CSRs or an application can be taken over the phone by our CSR.
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